Project CellAED®
A low cost, miniature Automated External Defibrillator (AED)
Everyone, Everywhere® Can Save A Life

What is project CellAED®

We aim to increase the survival rate
for Sudden Cardiac Arrest from 1% to 50+%*

Patient in need
of assistance

Pull out CellAED®
miniature defibrillator

Place pads on patient
and administer shock

Follow audio instructions
while emergency services
are automatically notified.

Early response with
CellAED® could
increase survival rates
from 1% to 50+%*

*Survival data is inconsistent across regions and countries.

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What is CellAED®?

CellAED® is an Automated External Defibrillator in a low cost, miniature package, enabling anyone to save a life.

Why is it important?

6 million people die every year globally from Sudden Cardiac Arrest, with as low as 1% survival rate.

The Market

CellAED® impacts four large and fast growing markets, as well as making a positive social impact.

Thu 31st May, 2018
CellAED® LifeSaver® set for global Certification as a Medical Device

Wed 30th May, 2018
Australian Manufacturing Gets a Recharge with Miniature Defibrillator

Mon 28th May, 2018
CellAED® Miniature Defibrillator at Medica Trade Fair Dusseldorf