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About Us
Our Story
What Motivates RRR

The motivation for CellAED® (Patent Pending) is Sarah Walke, who had an out of hospital SCA/heart attack one August night in 2014. New South Wales Ambulance, supported by the Hatzollah volunteers (SCA specific ambulance paramedics), were fortunately and coincidentally only a few minutes away. Donovan Casey, Sarah’s life partner and best friend, spent 6 harrowing, traumatic minutes administering CPR and was relieved by these wonderful life savers, who then continued the CPR for another 30 minutes. (AEDs usually must be used within the first 5 minutes to be effective).

The paramedics were so joyous at saving Sarah (‘high five-ing’ after the save), that they visited her in hospital, and met with her after her hospital discharge 6 weeks later to celebrate. They told Sarah and Donovan how they had not been able to get there quickly enough to save their previous 28 cardiac cases – and that she was the lucky miracle 3%!

Having an AED accessible would have reduced this trauma for Donovan, taken away this horrible feeling of helplessness, reduced the severity of Sarah’s 14 day coma in ICU, and saved many tens of thousands of dollars on the health care system.

While Sarah was in hospital, Donovan was learning a lot about patient care, drugs and how woefully unprepared he had been in the face of a cardiac arrest. He and his team are now committed to making CellAED® a reality. The goal is to reduce the number of SCA annual deaths by 50% within the next 10 years in Australia. This is anticipated to save 20,000+ people per year by 2025

How RRR could Save millions of Lives

The CellAED® (Patent Pending) delivers an AED to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) emergency immediately, by making it available within a small, lightweight and low cost unit. The combination of the following ideas will enable such an AED to be used by anyone to save a life:
  • Smaller, lighter and lowest cost AED
  • Single Use and then replace
  • Up to ten years shelf life for battery and pads
  • No extraneous functions
  • Enormous mass production potential producing economies of scale;
  • More cost-effective quality assurance paradigm associated with a single event emergency device
  • Combining new engineering protocols and technologies from diverse fields
  • Incorporates First Aid Fast app
  • Retail subscription model makes it easy for consumers and provides recurring revenue for the business
Sarah’s & Donovan’s Story
Losing Sarah would have been unimaginable for Donovan. So too is the loss of millions of other lives, and the misery attached seems unacceptable to the RRR team. In the aftermath of their trauma, Donovan created the ideas behind RRR and we now have a patent pending. We are working towards a financially and socially sustainable company, we are placing the CellAED® in the public domain for endorsement and support, and we are now inviting investment into the company.