How Have We Done it?

How Have We Done it?

The CellAED® delivers an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) to a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) emergency by making it available within a mobile phone accessory such as the phone case. The current high price, weight and size of AED equipment will be reduced substantially by the combination of the following ideas:

  • Smallest, lightest AED in world
  • Single Use
  • No extraneous functions
  • 12 months’ replacement consumable
  • Enormous mass production potential producing economies of scale
  • More cost-effective AED quality assurance paradigm associated with a single event emergency device
  • Combining new engineering protocols and technologies from diverse fields;
  • Utilising the existing phone device power source and app technology;
  • Incorporates First Aid Fast app package
  • Using proven AED and implant small defibrillator technology
  • Negating current AED device design of expensive 4-year battery power source requirement
  • Advanced circuit design to ensure small size & very low energy losses
  • Clever engineering all aimed at achieving small size
  • Modular compartment design ensures ready adaptability to manufacturing process

By using advanced engineering and app technology within a smart phone, we can include lower-cost components by comparison to other large and expensive multi-use devices available today. Unlike the existing AED devices that cost between A$2000 and A$4000 and are not readily available everywhere, the CellAED® is low cost, lightweight, requires no prior training and is kept readily available via a smart phone case.

In addition to being an easily accessible AED, the CellAED® incorporates unique features within the accompanying First Aid Fast App. The First Aid Fast mobile app provides:

Automatic adjustment to locality anywhere in the world

  • Call to ambulance globally
  • Your physical address and GPS coordinates, assisting emergency services to locate you quickly
  • IMMEDIATE access to A-Z Fast Find Guides for the most common injuries & medical conditions
  • IMMEDIATE access to simple emergency instruction videos, available even if you lose your phone signal
  • Venomous bites and stings for the continent visited.
  • Global hospital and medical clinic locator, within an adjustable radius of up to 50 kms.