Media releases

Media Releases

Thu 31st May, 2018
CellAED® LifeSaver® set for global Certification as a Medical Device

Wed 30th May, 2018
Australian Manufacturing Gets a Recharge with Miniature Defibrillator

Mon 28th May, 2018
CellAED® Miniature Defibrillator at Medica Trade Fair Dusseldorf

Mon 21st May, 2018
Rapid Response Revival the only Australian MedTech Startup to Attend Medical Fair Asia 2018

Tue 11th April, 2017
World First with a Mobile Phone Defibrillator

Fri 2nd June, 2017
How Have We Done it?

Sat 3rd June, 2017
When will the CellAED® be Available to the Public?